"SOCIALS" Custom Dog Tag Set - Socials QR Code

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PLEASE NOTE: CERTAIN BROWSER SETTINGS (especially DuckDuckGo) do not let the customization form to display. Options include using a different browser or "disable privacy" for this page to allow the form to show, then clearing your cache afterwords.

This design is especially useful for sharing social contact info - direct links like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, OF/JFF, etc.

A pair of tags in the color of your choice, these customized tags will not only provide an easy way to share your information, they look great doing it! Unlike military issue tags, ours are engraved rather than embossed - making them much easier to read, allowing much greater design options (like using QR Codes) and allowing both sides of the tag to be used.

Made of anodized aluminum, and engraved with the information you choose.

Each line can contain whatever info you would like... however, in order to keep the text from being too small, there is character limits on each line.

QR Codes can contain any info you would like also. We encode your info directly in the QR code using vCard format (an industry standard for sharing contact info) for information like phone, email, and addresses, and any time there is a combination of info. We will create a direct web link if it is the ONLY info in the QR code.

Includes 1 long and 1 short bead chain (per standard issue) - Black bead chain will be provided with black tags, and stainless steel chain will be included with all other colors.

Overall dimensions: Tag is 29mm x 50mm x 1mm (approximately 1.25" x 2.25"), Bead chain is one at 30 inches (approx) - great for wearing around your neck and one at 6 inches (approx)