About Bespoke Tags

Bespoke Tags is a small business located in Denver, Colorado. 

Having travelled around the world for several years, usually for work but also occasionally for pleasure, I couldn't help but deal with luggage. 

I found one of the most frustrating things is waiting at the luggage carousel for my bags to come out and it really is true what they say, "many bags look alike" - so people were constantly grabbing my suitcase, and I was grabbing other peoples' bags too! I never left with one, and nobody had ever left with mine, fortunately, but I figured it was only a matter of time before it would happen.

Most people rely solely on the airline applied bag control tag to sort out if it's their's or not. But as we've all seen when we've tried this, they're not really designed for humans to read more than a destination airport code - and for big, beautiful barcodes to be scanned.


No more! I've created a line of durable, light weight but heavy duty tags so you can identify your bags from near and far!

Not only at the luggage carousel, but the overhead bin, at school, playing sports - you name it~

All our tags are customizable with your info in an array of designs and colors to fit your taste

And if you get your tags and there is a problem - we'll make it right! Give Bespoke Tags a try, I think you'll be pleased.


Neil Dreher


Bespoke Tags