Splendor Luggage Tag Set

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For the few people who remained...

Available only during this project and only via this hidden page on the Bespoke Tags website.

Please enter your information as follows: First & Last Name are the text printed on the tag. Lines 1 through lines 5 are the info you would like in the QR code. This can be phone number, email, address, any of them, or something completely different if you'd like!

Made from anodized aluminum with a rectangular strap slot and custom etched with your details, this luggage tag is perfect for all your bags. The set includes 2 large tags (approximately the size of a business card), and one small tag for carry on / backpack use.

Each tag comes with a stainless steel strap to attach it to your bag. Our included straps have a great added feature - they are PVC coated to reduce noise and wear.

All information is permanently etched in Silver color.

Please see our FAQ for more information about tag and printing colors. It can be found HERE.

Be sure to use your provided code to receive the correct price ;-)